Wrong Number, Right Woman

Wrong Number, Right Woman

A single text message can change everything!
Flirting has never been Denny’s strong suit, but so what if she’s too shy to ask women out? She’s content with her simple life, working as a cashier and helping her sister raise her niece.
But then she gets a wrong-number text message from a stranger named Eliza, asking her of all people for dating advice!
Eliza is Denny’s total opposite: witty, outgoing—and straight. Despite their differences, the accidental text sparks an unlikely friendship. Soon, Eliza—self-proclaimed queen of disastrous first dates—would rather banter back and forth with Denny than to keep trying her luck at online dating.
When they meet in person, there’s an instant connection. But what Eliza is feeling can’t be attraction, right? It doesn’t mean a thing that she’s starting to wish the guys she dates would be more like Denny. Or does it?
Can the wrong number lead to the right woman after all?
Wrong Number, Right Woman is a light-hearted, slow-burn lesbian romance that embraces likable characters without all the drama.

Length: 116,000 words
Tropes & themes: slow-burn romance, low angst, relatable characters, butch/femme, age gap, “toaster oven” romance, craft romance, Portland romance, shy character

Title:Wrong Number, Right Woman
Edition Language:English
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    Wrong Number, Right Woman Reviews

  • Lex Kent

    4.50 Stars. It’s a Jae book, of course it is great. That really sums up everything right there. I don’t actually have to write any more in this review, right? This was the feel good, happy, and sw...

  • Jude in the Stars

    Not long ago, I got my own wrong number text, but it didn’t lead to anything romantic. Which is quite a relief since the message I received was about a wooden cross (if you're very curious and want ...

  • Corporate Slave

    This is a feel good romance that I’ve enjoyed a lot :) So I will keep this short.. Jae is a brilliant writer especially in the romance genre and she didn’t fail on this one! You will find yourself...

  • Aamina

    Warning: My cheeks hurt from smiling my way through it.. Proceed with caution ;) Jae excelled in writing very very relatable MCs this time around. The story was heartwarming in the best possible way a...

  • R

    This is a book that will make you smile from start to finish. It’s a feel good book with characters that displayed kindness, compassion, understanding, acceptance, and love -not only to each other-b...

  • AnnMaree Of Oz

    Adorable and charming. You'll need a dental appointment for the cavity you'll get from the complete and utter sweetness of these two love interests. There's no games or pretenses. No angst or major tr...

  • Luce

    4.5 Stars for another solid romance by Jae.I really enjoyed this slow burn romance by Jae. It combines a number of lesfic tropes – butch/femme, friends to lovers, and a toaster oven romance. One mor...

  • Bethany

    This is classic Jae - she's the queen of the slow burn romance for a reason! When the uber shy Denny gets a picture text from a wrong number and sees a cute girl asking if her first date outfit is a g...

  • Kaila

    4/5 starsWhat a fantastic book. I mean it wasn’t like I was expecting anything less than great from Jae, but this is just another reminder that she never fails to deliver. This was such a sweet, dow...

  • Corrie

    Scribd users had the primeur with Jae’s latest audio book publication of Wrong Number, Right Woman as Audible is coping with a back log. Lucky me! Now Jae isn’t always my cup of tea, but I was in ...