Mated To The Alien Beast

Mated To The Alien Beast


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A rich alien beast purchases a poor human girl… A tale as old as time, right?

After losing my job, I’m desperate for a lifeline to help me support my little sister. That’s when Vorian crosses my path.

Adonians aren’t exactly my favorite race of aliens, with their opulent lifestyles and royal demeanor, but Vorian seems different.

He’s scarred, a man haunted by his past, and he sees in me a future that no superficial Adonian woman is willing to give him.

They’re crazy to not want him. He’s a brooding handsome beast living in a big gothic castle—basically my dream man.

But humans can’t be fated mates to Adonians… can they?

And what could he possibly see in me, a scrawny woman from a poor sky colony?

Fated Mates of Adonia is an alien sci-fi romance series of standalone books. These novels feature spitfire heroines and the hot alpha alien billionaires who seek to possess them.

No cheating, no cliffhangers, and a very happily ever after is guaranteed.

Title:Mated To The Alien Beast
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    Mated To The Alien Beast Reviews

  • Amy~My Book Obsession~

    More books from this world This was a great read yes it has some holes in the plot but it was still a great story. I really like how Ellie and Vorian took some time to get to know each other before th...

  • 🅙𝔲𝔩𝔷

    Sweet but not really for me ...

  • K Lee

    This was simple but enjoyable until about 60%. It just became too far in the unbelievable. I get there was a whole Beauty and the Beast thing, but he offers to just pay for everything for her but she ...

  • Nike

    I like the book, but the title is misleading, the H is no at beast at all, he just a have a prosthetic wing that others consider ugly. overall I will recommend as a filler ...

  • Becky Matthews

    I really loved how much sweetness there was between the characters, but at the same time, there was the presence of doubt in each of their minds as they wrestled with the moral implications of their a...

  • Brittany Grantham

    So Ellie works as some kind of mechanic engineer in the Orion (it’s a human settlement on the Adonian’s planet). She gets fired for basically not taking anymore bullying from her male co-workers. ...

  • Emily Pennington

    Ellie is a human living in the Orion section of the planet Adonia. She works as a mechanic and is trying to earn enough money to get her sister Lyra into a special school. When she loses her job she g...

  • JML

    4solid🌟s for Jared to the Alien BeastEllie a human living and struggling not survive on Orion station locate on Adonia. This planets atmosphere is too heavy for humans so they must stay on the stat...

  • Ronel Olver

    This is a new author and series for me and I found the book to be engaging and very entertaining and held my attention the end. The book is well written with a great underlying ploy and has an honorab...

  • Ramona

    A story about Ellie a human who just got fired from working in the auxiliary room on the Orion on the planet Adonia and Vorian, Adonian, who is visiting the Orion. Ellie is desperate because her littl...