Accidentally Hitched To The Prince

Accidentally Hitched To The Prince


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He may be Prince Charming, but I hated his guts.
And now? I wake up accidentally married to him!

He’s the cocky Prince everyone loves to hate.
A walking, talking billboard for arrogance and excess.
I wanted to tarnish his name, not take it for my own!
And yet here I am, with his ring on my finger.
I can’t deny I find him irresistible.
A few too many cocktails, and one night of passion was all it took,
And a day later, we both wake up in the honeymoon suite,
Stunning husband, and staggered wife.
Part of me wants to work on the inside; bring him down from within,
But the other part of me wonders…
Could I remain married to him?
Could I fall in love with him?

This is the first book in the Royal Heat series.

Title:Accidentally Hitched To The Prince
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    >Book Review - Accidentally Hitched to the Prince>I am an independent reviewer. This book is the 1st in the Royal Heat series and ends in an HEA. Khloe is an American brought to a tiny foreign country...

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