Entered in the Alien Bride Lottery

Entered in the Alien Bride Lottery


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There are a million ways to end up in the Alien Bride Lottery. But it takes only one.

Every unmarried female human over the age of 21 gets entered once a year. You can also accept extra entries for legal infractions—instead of paying a parking fine, for example, you can request an extra entry. Lots of women do that. I mean, why not? The chances are astronomical that your name will get chosen to be one of the hundred or so women who get shipped off to space every year.

And even if your name is drawn, the odds are slim that you’ll match up with an alien who’s looking for a mate.

Most of the lottery-drawn women come back to Earth every year and resume their lives as if nothing changed.

But some don’t.

And no matter what, getting drawn in the Lottery means you have to compete in the Bride Games.

Guess that's where I'm heading now.

I only hope I can avoid catching the eye of one of the giant, rainbow-hued brutes whose mission is to protect Earth—and who can claim me as a mate.

All because I was Entered in the Alien Bride Lottery…

Fans of Grace Goodwin, Laurann Dohner, and Ruby Dixon will love this steamy new series featuring gorgeous, bright alien heroes and the sassy human women they choose as mates!

Every book in the Khanavai Warrior Bride Games series is a standalone romance. Join these brides as they find a whole new world of happily ever afters.

Title:Entered in the Alien Bride Lottery
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    Entered in the Alien Bride Lottery Reviews

  • Niki

    I have to say that I first clicked on this book because the cover was so eye catching. I was pleasantly surprised. This was much better than I expected. It wasn't as cheesy as some alien bride match b...

  • Angela (Angel's Guilty Pleasures)

    Entered in the Alien Bride Lottery is book one in the Khanavai Warrior Bride Games by Margo Bond Collins.This reminded me of the Bachelorette and Bachelor TV shows rolled into one. I don’t watch tho...

  • Mara

    3.5 stars - I came for the reality show take on a mail order bride alien trope, and I stayed for the second mating peen. Excited to continue on!CW: sexual assault...

  • Umaiya ??Ramblings of a Scattered Mind??

    For all the crap I said about this book while reading, somehow it's still 3 stars. It was weird. Not the plot. That was just cookie cutter and boring. The characters were weird and annoying and 8% in ...

  • Laura

    All I can think is of that tik tok sound:“I read a whole book today. I’m a scholar. I’m learning. Was it alien porn? Yes.”Literally the concept of this was so cool and the characters were inte...

  • Ava

    This is the romance between Natalie and Cav. Cav is a part of an alien species that has been protecting Earth from other Aliens, while Natalie is a human woman. Natalie's name has been drawn to be one...

  • /Fitbrah/

    Did BAP write this?...

  • Jackie

    Absolutely fabulous, impossible to not love this book from the start. Something different to brighten up your day. ...

  • Ti

    I wanted to like it. DNF with the spanking bullshit. ...

  • Kristina

    This series is…a choice....