Ancient Vendetta

Ancient Vendetta


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Get ready for King and Aurora’s long awaited, action-packed story!

His responsibility is to his pack, his people—the territory of New Orleans.

When the world devolved into chaos and fire, Alpha wolf King kept his territory from collapsing. Now, every day it seems there’s a new challenge—rogue witches, treacherous vampires, evil dragons. But his biggest threat is Aurora. Unique, magical, a female who sees him, the male, and not simply the Alpha in charge. But she’s thrown up so many walls that he’s afraid he’ll never be able to break through to the woman behind them. When the most dangerous threat they’ve ever faced ravages the city he’ll need her at his side—to defeat it, and then claim the woman who already owns him, body and soul.

But she makes him want more.

After being held captive for a year, Aurora has embraced her freedom. For the first time in her life she’s living away from her older sister in a new territory. A new world. She’s made friends and is helping New Orleans get back on its feet. Giving to others is helping her combat her PTSD, but she’s far from the woman she used to be. Even so, she can’t fight her ever present and growing attraction to King. Except she’s afraid she’s broken, that she’ll never be able to have a normal relationship again—that she can’t handle being an Alpha’s mate. When an evil linked to his past threatens to tear them apart and destroy the city, she must set her fears aside and find the courage to follow her heart—and the wolf who’s already won it.

Title:Ancient Vendetta
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    Ancient Vendetta Reviews

  • Madison Warner Fairbanks

    Ancient Vendetta by Katie ReusAncients Rising series #4. Post apocalyptic paranormal shifter romance. Best read as park of the series. King is the alpha of the New Orleans territory after the dragons ...

  • Carvanz

    WooHoo! I am so excited to finally have King and Aurora’s story!!! I was curious how Aurora’s character was going to develop throughout the story. She had a past that had left her feeling broken a...

  • Kate V

    1.5 - 2 stars!I don't know how else to say this without sounding harsh but in my opinion this was a hot mess of too many voices and definitely more plot vomit than romance. I thought this was King and...

  • Mindy Lou's Book Review

    I've been looking forward to King and Aurora's story for awhile now. I was surprised with the slow burn for this couple in this book since we have basically been getting the slow burn for several book...

  • Deborah

    I’ve been waiting for King and Aurora’s book and it didn’t disappoint.After being kidnapped and losing a year of her life Aurora isn’t sure she’ll ever be ready for love. But she finds herse...

  • Mary Kirkland

    King and Aurora have been dancing around their attraction for a while now and after the last book I figured they would end up together at some point. King has been giving Aurora time to adjust to bein...

  • Leigh

    Ancient Vendetta is book 4 in the Ancients Rising series and finally it's time for King and Aurora. I have been patiently waiting for their story and I was not disappointed. Aurora is Star's sister wh...

  • Julie - One Book More

    Ancient Vendetta is the fourth book in the Ancients Rising series, and the stakes keep getting higher and higher. The story follows Aurora and King, and I was so excited to read their story! I loved t...

  • Iman

    After waiting for a while to see the relationship between king and Aurora develop, it was a major letdown. Adding, too many side characters, too many side stories, I lost interest quick. Even their re...

  • Shelley

    King and Aurora❤️Ancient Vendetta is the next book in the much anticipated Ancient Rising series and features our loyal and steadfast Alpha of New Orleans, King and the kind-hearted Phoenix, Auror...