Passion of the Vampire King

Passion of the Vampire King


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Might as well face it, I’m addicted to thrall.

I thought I’d seen the last of Valentine… at least for a little while, but he’s found a way to get me back under his thrall. This time, I’m not resisting.

But he’s the least of my problems. The deal I made with the devil has backfired.

If I don’t get the better of this bargain, I’m at risk of spending the rest of my days in hell.

Passion of the Vampire King is book five of the Blood Fire Saga.

Title:Passion of the Vampire King
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    Passion of the Vampire King Reviews

  • Patrice Harrington

    Ridiculous I hope there isn’t a book past book 6 because the storyline is fast heading into general ridiculousness. If all you want is the sexual scenes then it’s a great book. If you want a story...

  • Kaitlin Schnepf

    Oh for fucks sake. Just one shitty outrageous thing after another. It gets boring. Authors need to realize that packing a ton of horrible things in doesn’t get the emotional effect they are looking ...

  • Lene Blackthorn

    I am still somewhere between three and four stars with this book, and as it is second in a row in this series, I am setting my hopes high for the final book to fix the issues I have with this series. ...

  • Brittany Smith

    I hate spoilers and so I am going to keep this as spoiler-free as possible. This is the fifth book in the series- and you do need to read the previous books to follow along. They are all really good b...

  • Penny

    I just finished this fifth book in the series, and I almost yelled “Noooo!!” to the whole house! First, though, this latest is filled with action, intrigue, passion, and laughs. Yes, laughs. I don...

  • Charlotte

    My only thought throughout this series is when will Mera (FMC) and Valentine get a break?? No one wants to see them together except themselves. There so many Supernatural factions all working on their...

  • Debbie Eyre

    WOW book five and it just keeps getting better and better! The addictive storyline continues to grow and develop and the characters continue to find their way. The plenty of action, intrigue , passion...

  • Seraphia

    Passion of the Vampire King is the fifth book in Bella Klaus's Blood Fire Saga. Things pick up where they left on in book 4 and while there is some progress I want more. Mera has been captured, but th...

  • Pythoness_yas

    Credit where credit due....Previously I have felt that the books have been a consistent 3 however, I do feel that this book in particular is worth a 4 star. Whilst the book ends of yet another frustra...

  • Believe The Read

    To muchThis woman character is a bafoon....she has consistently made bad decisions and is always saved by all the books she has never got her magic under control and she runs around lik...