The Spiritus Dagger

The Spiritus Dagger


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Sometimes it’s not just magic. It’s destiny.
Ever since she was little, Maise has known about the battle between light and dark. The light mages of Nualia and the dark mages of Darkmoor have fought for millennia, but Maise has never fully understood why.
When the man she believes to be her father is gravely injured in an attack, he reveals why he spent so much time training her to fight; she is the prophesied savior of Nualia. In order to fulfill the prophecy, Maise needs to find the Spiritus Dagger; one of five powerful weapons the light mages can use to defeat the dark. With the help of her adoptive sister Raina, Maise sets off to find her dagger. She has no idea what awaits her, but when she meets a mysterious stranger, she is drawn to him in a way she can’t understand.
Is he destined to help her on her quest? Or is he just someone to help pass the time as she discovers who she really is; who she is destined to be?


A medium burn paranormal reverse harem read. The harem is built throughout the series.

This story is meant for readers over the age of 18 due to mature content.

-MFMMM (by the end of the series. Book 1 will just be MF)
-Single POV (for now)

Potential Triggers
- Graphic sexual scenes
- Mildly graphic fight scenes
- Swearing
- Rape content

Title:The Spiritus Dagger
Edition Language:English
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    The Spiritus Dagger Reviews

  • Annette

    When I get a chance to get an ARC I always ask myself if I really want to read something. I mean, if the book doesn't really speak to me, it would be unfair to read an ARC. However, when I saw the sum...

  • Daisy Sauceda

    Well what an exciting book to read. I mean we just jump right into the action with this. However, we also get a story within the story about a mage and a special dagger. So then we find out that there...

  • Debbie Eyre

    Wow this is off to a flying start! An entertaining, fast paced medium burn paranormal reverse harem read that will hook you with its exciting storyline and excellent characters. Maise is our bad ass f...

  • Jessica Robbins

    Okay I am hooked! We meet Maise who lives with her dad and sister though her world is about to change when her dad is attacked. Before he passes away he tells her a story full of secrets that will cha...

  • Marie  Reed

    I agreed to an early copy of this book just after seeing the cover and reading a very brief story overview. RH is not my thing and I won't be continuing the series, but as it was my own fault for not ...

  • Lene Blackthorn

    Interesting and very quick opening to a RH series. I really like the premise and the plot ideas, going on quests, collecting items, while battling the evil and gaining soulmates on the go. The charact...

  • Diane

    I voluntarily reviewed a copy of "THE SPIRITUS DAGGER"This is my first read by author Allie Rose she did a great job with start to this new series great adventure with mystery, steam, the story grabs ...

  • Dori Miller

    You just HAVE to love a book that begins with "Donkey's balls!"I started this book resigned to "being nice." First book from a brand new author? Ya gotta be nice. But when that book begins with "Donke...

  • Samantha Silensky

    So I want to start out with the things I didn’t quite care for, because they were far outweighed by the amazing aspects of the book. First off, you could tell in some of the sentence structure, as f...

  • FluffPandas

    Awesome Concept!I love the concept of this series (daggers, yay) and this first book in the series sets it out very nicely. The characters are awesome, and I cannot wait for the plot to head full thro...