Lover's Wrath

Lover's Wrath


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Few people know the truth... fairy tales are really nightmares.

Growing up as the daughter of the beast himself, I saw the wicked truth after happily-ever-after ended. And I vowed to use the only skill I had, my ability to kill, to gain my freedom.

But I failed.

Imprisoned for my mistake, I spent every day thinking about the three men responsible for my downfall. And what I wanted more, revenge or the life that was stolen from me.

Finally free, I join the Guild of Assassins, only to come face-to-face in the training yard with the men I cared for…the ones who had me locked away.

The wolf shifter who was my best friend.
The man who always made my heart race.
And the dark prince of the vampires himself.

I wanted to kill all three of them. But joining the guild meant working together. The guild was the only place where my background—as a princess and a prisoner—wouldn’t be held against me.

But our past is more complicated than I realized… and the future? Well, there might not be one.

MERCY'S REVENGE is a steamy paranormal reverse harem with a kickbutt heroine. This is a whychoose romance, meaning that our heroine doesn't have to choose between her guys.

Title:Lover's Wrath
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    Lover's Wrath Reviews

  • Brittany Smith

    A fantastic ending to the trilogy!! This was a non-stop ride, and never a dull moment was to be had. We pick up exactly where book 2 ended and it’s a gut-wrenching start.The team is forced to separa...

  • Annette

    I've read quite a few of Andersen's stories right now and I love how she manages to always create a great mix between action and plot on the one side and relationship building and emotional developmen...

  • Charlotte

    Last book in this series and the finale was the perfect way to go out with a bang. With the majority of the immortals rescued the last 3 prove the most difficult for Surcy (FMC) and her guys - Tristan...

  • Debbie Eyre

    Say what? OMG this is one hell of a finale! I have to admit I held my breathe in several occasions during this conclusion. There’s betrayal and revenge in this action packed read as we follow Surcy ...

  • XxLaVampiresaAlexisxX

    What an incredible ending to this trilogy. There's so much action and much potential for future spin-offs. I am so glad Daniel, Tristan, Mark and Surcy get their happy ending. I really enjoyed this st...

  • Mona  Brown

    This is the third and final book in this amazing series, and boy it does not disappoint. Just when I thought my heart couldn't take any more it just goes to show you how evil authors are... just kiddi...

  • Tash

    Surcy and her demons are back in the final instalment of this series. After two action packed books, Anderson had a lot to finish off and did it in a dashing style. The conclusion was bitter sweet and...

  • Seraphia

    Lover’s Wrath: An Angel and her Demons Reverse Harem Romance by Lacey Carter Andersen is the third and final book in her An Angel and Her Demons series. Surcy is back with her demon lovers, but they...

  • Samantha Silensky

    This final book in the series was the cherry on top. Everything came together and finalized in one monumental, epic, ending for the ages. Surcy and her demons, well, what were her Demons, have come to...

  • Marissa

    Oh my goodness my heart was ripped out my heart out but I could not put it down to save my life! I definitely had plenty of "throwing the book" moments while reading the conclusion to this series. Sur...