The Alien Warrior King's Accountant

The Alien Warrior King's Accountant


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He’s brutal.

He’s dangerous.

He’s seven years behind on his taxes.

Enter me. Tania McMillan. Tax accountant.

If I can get Tyrant (yes, that’s actually his name) to stop laying waste to his enemies for a moment, I might be able to decide if boiling hot space oil is a combat deductible or an entertainment expense.

I’m on contract with him until we can sort his Galactic tax debt.

He seems to think he owns me.

And that’s just the start of a series of miscommunications (you don’t even want to know what he does with red tape) which leads me to his battle bed, where he is just as rough and intense as he is on the battlefield.

Title:The Alien Warrior King's Accountant
Edition Language:English
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    The Alien Warrior King's Accountant Reviews

  • Coco.V

    🎁 FREE on Amazon today (5/15/2021)! 🎁 ...

  • Nina Diab

    When I read the synopsis for this book, I thought it sounded really fun and interesting! An accountant who needs to file the taxes of an alien warrior king who lays siege to enemies and wages war thro...

  • JenMcJ

    Quick read, sexy times, spanky and public sex/punishment as well. ...

  • Rose Howse

    Tania - Tyrant - Terrible - TaxesMy title sums up the points of the story, if it were only that simple. Tania is assigned the job of bringing King Tyrant's taxes current. Only problem is, Tyrant is an...

  • Mom2three

    I can't even begin to express how much I loved this one. It's not often that a story will put a smile on my face on page one and keep it there until the end, but that's exactly what this one did. I'm ...

  • Jennifer

    The writing and editing of the ARC version of the manuscript was clean, with only occasional typos and generally well constructed sentences. Hopefully the typos will be corrected in the retail version...

  • Erin Figueiredo

    This phenomenal author gives us another crazy funny and super sexy alien romance story that kept me captivated and entertained throughout. I highly enjoyed this one and found myself laughing out loud ...

  • JD

    “I am Tyrant, King of Apocalypse. Ender of worlds. Destroyer of empires. And you… are my accountant.”This is another edition of Ms. Renard's sci-fi erotic books. At this point, there are so many...

  • Debbie Orazi

    Tania McMillan is an accountant and has been working from home during a pandemic. Her boss Mr. Rogers asks her to go on an off planet business trip for one of their alien accounts. She thinks he has s...

  • Allie Angi

    I wish I could give 3.5 review because that is what I would give this latest installment of the series. This book reads a lot like a romcom. It has a very unique premise- one I have not seen before. A...