And Then Came You: A Slow-Burn, Friends to Lovers Romance

And Then Came You: A Slow-Burn, Friends to Lovers Romance


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They say you should dress for the job you want.

Apparently, ripped jeans and a rock t-shirt is the outfit of choice to land the role of a supermodel’s best friend.

No joke. It’s what I was wearing when my world intersected with Samuel Bernard; right before he grabbed my phone and berated my most recent excuse for a boyfriend.

In Samuel’s defense, the guy had it coming.

Now, I have a new buddy who also happens to be the world’s most famous—and infamous—male model.

But we’re just friends.

I will not fall for Samuel Bernard is my new mantra.

It’s not working.


Lexi is the first woman who has ever truly understood me, although she’s seemingly immune to my outer appeal.

It’s a two-way street. Lexi is adorable and wicked smart, but she’s not my type, even though she’s the first person I call when I’m down and the only person I care to see when I’m in town.

Then, there was that night when she read her steaming hot sex scenes. Now, she’s got a recurring role in my dreams.
But I don’t need another lover. I’ve got plenty of those.

The friend zone is the safe zone for Lexi and me. And that’s where we’ll stay.

If you repeat something enough times, you’ll believe it, right?

Title:And Then Came You: A Slow-Burn, Friends to Lovers Romance
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    And Then Came You: A Slow-Burn, Friends to Lovers Romance Reviews

  • Rebeka

    Not safeDisgusting Double standards- Heroine: Celibate since she met him- Hero dated two women and fucked tons of others- After she kissed him for the first time he didn’t react and he fucked ow reg...

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    Plenty of insecurities, indecisiveness, immaturity, friends to lovers to friends to..., back and forth. They loved each other but the heroine believed it would be best if they stayed friends, and to c...

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    Readers are gonna love this book.It ticks all the boxes for tropes we either love or hate. Every plot device I dislike here is loved by many other readers.So while I can’t fathom why authors would p...

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    I’m Not Quite Sure About This OneI’d probably give this book 3.5 ⭐️ if I could.Lexi is a romance author, who is pretty successful. However, she’s not so great at romance in real life. She’...

  • Astrid V.J.

    I’ve loved M.L. Broome’s book since I first came across A Series of Moments two years ago, and I’ve been waiting for this new release with bated breath. Broome never disappoints.The characters, ...

  • K.G. Fletcher

    I love a good celebrity romance - and when I heard Ms. Broome released this gem, I had to have it!Sam is a "bad-boy" super model with tattoos and piercings (not my typical hero in romance) but I fell ...

  • Maja SrK

    “E.T.. Everything. My Everything."Well, "E.T." is "E.T." 😊 It is a connection, a bond, a relationship and a friendship for ever and ever ❣️...

  • Skye Yanovsky

    Beautiful & Slow Burn Romance. Absolute perfection! I don’t know how to adequately express my feelings and love for And Then Came You. This is a beautiful and angsty SLOW BURN friends to lovers roma...

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    This was my first book by this author and I seriously loved it. I flicked to the first page and I was swept away on an enjoyable journey with no fuss at all. It was like sinking into a comfy chair.Lex...

  • G

    Friends to Lovers romances are difficult to write well. At times, the friendship between the two characters doesn't seem genuine, or the attraction doesn't build up--just seems to be an expectation th...