Nothing But Net: 10 Timeless Lessons for Picking Tech Stocks

Nothing But Net: 10 Timeless Lessons for Picking Tech Stocks


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From one of the world's leading tech stock investors--proven lessons on finding winners, avoiding losers, and building a durable tech portfolio for the long run.

The tech industry is the stock market's hottest, most profitable sector, but it can be a roller coaster ride for investors. Companies with great ideas end up going nowhere, and some that dominate today will be sold at fire-sale prices in five years. Nothing But 'Net provides the knowledge and insights you need to understand what's really hot, know what's not, and outperform other tech investors on a consistent basis.

Famous for his solid, proven approach to tech stock investing, Mark S. F. Mahaney doesn't emphasize picking the next best stock--he shows how to succeed as a tech stock investor. Mahaney explains the ins and outs of tech stock investing, including:

-Why dividends and strong profits--manna for value investors--can sometimes be the kiss of death for tech investors
-Why revenue growth and customer metrics--not earnings--are what matter most to tech investors
-How to invest--not trade--in the great growth opportunities that lie ahead.

Nothing But 'Net provides common-sense advice, providing a tech/growth update along with a focus on the consumer tech stocks that have become household names, like Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google, Netflix, Twitter, and Uber.

Nothing But Net provides powerful advice for the next two decades--lessons you can start applying today and put to use for years to come.

Title:Nothing But Net: 10 Timeless Lessons for Picking Tech Stocks
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    Nothing But Net: 10 Timeless Lessons for Picking Tech Stocks Reviews

  • Tiago Dias

    A light book to learn more about Tech investing. The problem of the book is that it is mostly focused on the recent past (last 5 years) and provides very few examples of older picks from Mark. However...


    Strongly recommend reading this. Touches on a lot of the theories, but this is much more of a "look inside" for what to expect. Absolutely PACKED with case studies and examples which all help to give ...

  • Jaap

    Great explanations based on fundamentals of how to invest in tech stocks, well illustrated by practical examples. Only negative comment is that it is a bit much Netflix and Amazon but other than great...

  • Stephan

    a bit too long, but good content ...

  • Vivian He

    Recommend to anyone who favor tech stocks This book helps me to think thoroughly about how to value tech stocks. It answered some of my questions about why the PE/PS was so unreasonable and the stock ...