Toymaker: Return of the Lost Toys (A Science Fiction Adventure)

Toymaker: Return of the Lost Toys (A Science Fiction Adventure)


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The 9th standalone novel in the Claus Universe.

One Christmas morning, a mystery gift appeared under trees around the world. It was the exact same gift, inscribed with the maker’s initials in tiny letters: BT and Company. It was months before anyone knew exactly what the gift did.

Avery Tannenbaum’s brother was one of the lucky few to receive one. It was on her birthday when the mysterious gifts came to life. A contest was announced. It was also on that very same day Avery’s grandmother passed away.

An eccentric, wealthy woman, Nana Rai left detailed instructions on how to commemorate her passing, a celebration to be held on Christmas morning, which just so happened to be the same day the contest was set to end. Avery’s family travels to a cold and snowy land to honor her grandmother’s wishes. And it’s here she uncovers the true purpose of the mystery gift, and why the makers launched a global contest.

As Nana Rai’s celebration nears, Avery follows clues her grandmother left behind. BT and Company are searching for the Toymaker. And Avery knows what they’ll do when they find him. She becomes part of her grandmother’s plan to stop them. The real mystery isn’t where the Toymaker is hiding.

It’s why he’s hiding in the first place.

Title:Toymaker: Return of the Lost Toys (A Science Fiction Adventure)
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    Toymaker: Return of the Lost Toys (A Science Fiction Adventure) Reviews

  • Sherry Fundin

    Is there a Santa Claus? Elves? Reindeer? Do they live at the North Pole? Why haven’t humans ever found them? If you have been following the series, you may have some of the answers already.Avery Nev...

  • Billie

    This is a wonderful addition to this thrilling series!Wonderful well written plot and story line that had me engaged from the start.Love the well fleshed out characters and found them believable.Great...

  • Phthon

    Phenomenal. This series gets better with each book. Each generation. I love the whimsical feeling this book has as well as a very dark undercurrent. I love the characters, yes, even Meeho and Flinn de...

  • Janice E. Ryberg

    I loved this part of the stories! Toymaker is the best.I guess I feel the same way whenever I read these colorful additions to the Claus universe. You feel warm and fuzzy and joyful. Thank you Tony Be...

  • John Wootton

    After nine years, I still look forward to getting my new book during the holidays. This book is still a stand-alone read, but he takes and refects on characters from other Claus Universe books. I mean...

  • Quilting Tangent

    Does magic exist?Avery gets to see pieces from all the stories in this unique and interesting look at the magic in Christmas stories. What is real and what is make believe? Wonderful characters bring ...

  • Denise Gilbert

    I love this series! Tony took everything we thought we knew about Santa, the Reindeer, Jack Frost, Frosty the snowman and even the toys and put his own unique spin on it! While each book is a stand al...

  • Teresa's Surber

    Addictive realityCould not put it down til I finished. I loved it. From beginning to end, from end to beginning. Dreams of reality. Toys hear our dreams, making them come true in our imagination.Well ...

  • Teresa

    This is Avery's story and the adventure to finding her special gift. The Easter eggs in this book remind you of the wonder and joy of the other books. ...

  • anne mckay

    Carried away to another wor!dI never can guess where I'm being taken to, so I read for hours to get the answer.An amazing read, one I'm sure my granddaughter will enjoy too....