Wrath of the Dragon

Wrath of the Dragon


, harem, Fantasy

I was prepared to die in that last fire I fought in Tucson. I’d saved as many civilians as I could when the flames finally devoured me, but then I woke up in a vast world called Dracoria with a beautiful angel beside me.

Things have only gotten crazier from there.

Now, I’m battling my way through the Night Lands on a rescue mission, but the more I make love to this angel, the more powerful I become. Something dangerous and powerful has awoken inside me, and it’s ready to unleash its wrath on the evil of this world.

I have become the dragon, and my magic grows stronger with each gorgeous elemental angel that I take as a lover.

Now nothing will stand in the way of me saving this world.

And then ruling it.

Title:Wrath of the Dragon
Edition Language:English
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    Wrath of the Dragon Reviews

  • Raymond Thompson

    From firefighter to fire breatherNow again we have a hero that does not wish to be seen as a hero. Just doing the job like any and all firefighters do. But save a child make the ultimate sacrifice and...

  • Christopher Miller

    Fast and insubstantial I used to read all the Eric vall books when he first appeared on Kindle. But after book 15 of whatever series was not ending any time soon I gave up. My problem with these books...

  • John

    Whats not to like.Dragons. Angels. Beautiful women. Lots of fighting. Stop me when there's something you don't like.The book was a lot of fun hit all the hi notes for the genre. Certainly not literary...

  • Tim Nielsen

    A fun dragon taleI like this story of a man who was died serving others and was reborn in another world. I like the way the characters are developed on each one seems to have their own different perso...

  • Jamie Ross

    Amazing start to what looks to be a brilliant storyAlways look forward to new series by Eric Vall, and was NOT disappointed!The land and lore is amazing and brilliant with the characters being vibrant...

  • Frank Bertino

    Entertaining ReadRyan, a fire fighter, gave his life to save a child from a burning building. Or did he? He wakes up by a beautiful angel in a strange world. Demons have taken over and he wants to hel...

  • Aaron Floyed

    Another great dragon series by Eric VallAnother series about dragons, and just like his other 2 dragon series, this one is completely different. I enjoyed book 1 and am looking forward to book 2. The ...

  • Karina

    I got so engrossed in this book!Another of Eric Vall's books I enjoyed, especially since I'm from Tucson, Arizona. So since the main character was from my hometown, I have to root for him. I really en...

  • Carl

    Are all dragons in this fantasy realm reincarnated idiot humans? If so, that kind of detracts from their grandeur and mystique.And how awesome is it that the big nasties MC had to fight had names like...

  • sterling morris

    A new world, a new homeThis was a absolutely fantastic read, the characters are really engaging and personable, and the world building is truly top notch! I look forward to future adventures in this f...