The Rider

The Rider


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A literary sports classic, finally available in the U.S.
Originally published in the Netherlands in 1978, The Rider became an instant cult classic, selling over 100,000 copies. Brilliantly conceived and written at a breakneck pace, it is a loving, imaginative, and, above all, passionate tribute to the art of bicycle road racing.
Not a dry history of the sport, The Rider is beloved as a bicycle odyssey, a literary masterpiece that describes in painstaking detail one 150-kilometer race in a mere 150 pages. We are, every inch of the way, inside amateur biker Tim Krabbé's head as his mind churns at top speed along with his furious peddling. Privy to his every thought-on the glory and vagaries of the sport itself, the weather, the characters and lineage of his rival cyclists, almost hallucinogenic anecdotes about great riders of the past-the book progresses kilometer by kilometer, thought by thought, and the reader is left breathless and exhilarated.
A thrillingly realistic look at what it is like to compete in a road race, The Rider is the ultimate book for bike lovers as well as the arm-chair sports enthusiast.

Author Biography: Tim Krabbé is one of Holland's leading writers, and his novels are published all over the world. His many books include The Vanishing, which was made into a successful film, and The Cave. He lives in Amsterdam.

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    The Rider Reviews

  • Katherine

    Because this book has already been five-star reviewed to death (and rightly so), here's one of my favorite passages, transcribed."In interviews with riders that I've read and in conversations that I'v...

  • Bob Redmond

    This short, dense, gorgeously written book is the Dutch Krabbé's first-person account of a 150-kilometer bicycle race from 1977 (also the year of the book's publication). The writer, who is also an a...

  • Wastrel

    Not recommended for: those who struggle to understand other worldviews; those who have no interest in (and no interest in understanding) sport; those who are overly defensive; those who hate monologue...

  • Alfred Haplo

    In every race, there is a winner and a loser. I started The Rider * with minuscule knowledge on all things road racing and a strategy to assimilate jargon along the way. Will work, not ideal. Far bett...

  • Tom Doig

    The Rider is a miniature epic, one of the best books I read last year - and definitely the best book I've ever read about the experience of cycling a really long way. It's not easy to convey the visce...

  • Lou Robinson

    James's choice for book club this month, and I was a little dubious going in. Given how much cycling we watch on TV during the year, did I really want to spend precious reading time on it too? Particu...

  • Lolo S.

    cycling and narcissism.james told me that this book would tell me more about racing. fair enough. i did learn a bit about the techniques and some of the history, anecdotal as it was. more though, this...

  • Calzean

    Rightly called a classic of sports writing.Written in the 70s, the author tells his experience in a fictional 137km amateur cycling road race. He takes the reader into sidetracks of great riders and r...

  • John

    Amazing, mundane and heartbreaking all at the same time...I loved it.Anyone who's never raced a bike would be mystified as to the appeal of this book. Anyone who has will completely identify with Krab...

  • Walker

    Wow. Really good. Incredible, elegant, precise prose. Encapsulates so much of the joy and suffering that I consider myself lucky enough to have felt this year through riding my road bike 1,000+ miles....