The Body

The Body

Killers are his business. Dames are his pleasure. And in this case hard-drinking, quick-thinking AL WHEELER tangles with both . . .

He goes gunning for the murdered of two call girls and runs make into a luscious blond, a big time racketeer, and a well stacked redhead who works in a fashionable mortuary.
The girls come fast and the bullets faster in this torrid tale of murder and mayhem by one of the world's bestselling mystery writers.

Title:The Body
Edition Language:English
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    The Body Reviews

  • Josh

    Al Wheeler, the unconventional cop who's more PI than Police is once again in the think of it. Surrounded by lively women and cooling corpses, Wheeler adopts the lone wolf persona to solve a murder my...

  • Jack Heath

    Synopsis: killers are his business and dames his pleasure (that's what it says!). Wheeler goes gunning for the murdered of two call girls....

  • Alonzo Church

    The epitome of mediocre pulp -- lots of action going nowhere, a detective whose backstory is just absurd, well stacked but dimwitted or treacherous blonds and redheads, and a police department that is...

  • Logan

    This was the 3rd or 4th Al Wheeler I have read. I like Carter Brown because its the kind of pulp you can just sit and read through in one or two settings like watching TV. I picked up half or dozen of...

  • Alyssa

    Good mystery, lurid, with some twists I didn't expect. A quick read though....