You Are a Monster

You Are a Monster


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The reader is kidnapped by an evil scientist, taken to his laboratory and transformed into a monster! Can the reader find a way to reverse the fiendish experiment--or remain a monster forever? The reader's choices decide his or her fate!

Title:You Are a Monster
Edition Language:English
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    You Are a Monster Reviews

  • Tierza Nelson

    This is a really cool and quick read....

  • John Sever

    I read this book aloud with my kids. It was sooooo duuuuumb that pretty soon we all were just making fun of it, and skipping huge swathes of pointless babbling text just to get to the end. It took som...

  • Jennifer

    Fun premise: you are kidnapped and used in a crazy science experiment against your will which will turn you into a monster unless you can find a cure. But this is a weak entry in the series. This is a...

  • Sheila Read

    the adventures that I went through when I was bored I just read these books over and over again you would never get to the end of the story....

  • Marts  (Thinker)

    'Choose your own adventure' series #84, You are a monster... in these books the reader gets to be the central character by choosing what path the tale follows through a variety of endings... ...