Terror in Australia

Terror in Australia


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The reader's parents have gone on vacation, and the reader is invited by Uncle Gilroy, the famous archaeologist, to an Australian expedition to uncover an ancient civilization. But when terrorists begin mining nearby uranium, the reader must stop them before they have enough for nuclear weapons.

Title:Terror in Australia
Edition Language:English
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    Terror in Australia Reviews

  • Benjamin Stahl

    Okay ... not that many choices though. All the exciting stuff happened without my accord. ...

  • Russ

    Be careful, reads the dust jacket: "You might be picked up by the Australian Intelligence Service--or by foreign terrorists!" With a blurb like that, a book cover with a kid who has to takeover the co...

  • Nick Jones

    The old Choose Your Own Adventure books were prone to occasional errors, but Struggle Down Under is the second in a row of the reprint series that I've read with multiple path-breaking mistakes, which...

  • Lynn K.

    Boring and long winded. There’s typos about what pages to turn to that make certain paths unable to be completed. Disappointing. ...

  • Mikana

    I loved the choose your-own-adventure books during my early years, and believe these are a great set of books for those who are new to reading their own books....