Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street: A Life of the World's First Consulting Detective

Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street: A Life of the World's First Consulting Detective

From the Dust Jacket:

Although millions know of Sherlock Holmes through the chronicles of his exploits written by Dr. Watson, it is only now that, owing to his recent death, the full biography and facts of his life can be brought before the public. This volume brings together for the first time every known fact that can be fully authenticated about the life of one of the world's most extraordinary men, and reveals much more about him that has not been heretofore generally known. From twenty years' research into every possible source, the author has written as definitive an account as could ever be assembled. Sherlock Holmes was born on January 6th, 1854, the third and last son of Siger and Violet Holmes, of North Riding, Yorkshire. He traveled widely on the continent as a boy, where he learned six languages. Displaying most unusual talents at an early age, he attended an English boarding school, and in 1872 entered Oxford. He soon decided to train himself to become a consulting detective, and before long he was starting to take cases. Except for a period when he was an actor, he pursued his chosen career thereafter and of course became famous after Dr. Watson started to write about him. This book reveals far more than Watson ever could, including the whole story of his running battle with the infamous Professor Moriarty, his dangerous brush with Jack with Ripper, his long association and love for Irene Adler, the question of his own son, and the story of his retirement, the writing of his great book, and the circumstances of his death. In short, this book contains everything that can be told about Holmes. It is a marvelous reconstruction from very scattered sources, and the amazing but always scrupulously accurate story of a great man.
1: Genteel gypsies: 1854-64 --
2: Old Sherman, Winwood Reade, Maitre Bencin, and Professor Moriarty: 1864-72 --
3: Oxford and Cambridge: 1872-77 --
4: Montague Street: 1877-79 --
5: On stage and off in England and America: 1879-81 --
6: Early days on Baker Street: 1881-83 --
7: First Mrs Watson: 1883-86 --
8: Woman: November 1886-May 1887 --
9: Orange Pips, red-headed men, and a blue carbuncle: May-December 1887 --
10: Back to Baker Street: January 1888 --
Interruption: Three stories from the London Times: August 10, September 1, September 10, 1888 --
11: To meet Mr Mycroft Holmes: Wednesday, September 12, 1888 --
12: Sign of the four: Tuesday, September 18-Friday, September 21, 1888 --
13: Dr James Mortimer and Sir Henry Baskerville: Tuesday, September 25-Saturday, September 29, 1888 --
Interruption: Two stories from the London Times: October 1 and 2, 1888 --
14: Horror Hound: Sunday, September 30-Saturday, October 20, 1888 --
15: Jack the Harlot Killer: Friday, November 9-Sunday, November 11, 1888 --
16: Second Mrs Watson: 1819-90 --
17: Final problem? Friday, April 24-Monday, May 4, 1891 --
Entr'acte: Dr Watson, writer --
18: Meeting in Montenegro: June 1891 --
19: Venture into the unknown: 1891-93 --
20: Return of Sherlock Holmes: Thursday, April 5, 1894 --
21: Game's afoot again: 1894-95 --
22: Crowded years: 1896-1902 --
23: Third Mrs Watson: July 1902-October 1903 --
24: Sussex Downs: 1909 --
25: His last bow: Sunday, August 2, 1914 --
Epilogue: Sherlock Holmes walks at sunset: Sunday, January 6, 1957 --
Appendix 1: Chronological Holmes --
Appendix 2: Bibliographical Holmes: a selective compilation.

Title:Sherlock Holmes of Baker Street: A Life of the World's First Consulting Detective
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