Mystery of the Maya (Choose Your Own Adventure, #11)

Mystery of the Maya (Choose Your Own Adventure, #11)


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Your friend Tom disappears on assignment in Mexico searching for clues to the sudden collapse of the Mayan civilization. Meanwhile a pool of human blood appears at a Mayan ruin where Tom was last seen alive. What is behind Tom's disappearance? Has he traveled back in time? Or are the practices of the Maya alive and well, including human sacrifice?

A large spacecraft hovers over the pyramid.
"What's happening Manuel?" you ask, hardly believing what you see.
"These Mayan ruins are contact points for other planets. Earth is seen as a leading planet. Other civilizations want to learn from us. They asked us to come to an outer galactic congress on the rights of life in the universe. That is the last transport. If you think Tom may have gone on the mission, go now."

If you decide to join the mission, knowing the danger of never returning, turn to page 87. If you decide to stay and finish your job, turn to page 88.

Did Tom drink Dr. Lopez's time travel potion? Should you travel to Chichen Itza first or does your instinct tell you to go to Uxmal? Is the strange message in the Nunnery meant for you? And what is the meaning of the red hand? Many choices await your search for the mystery of the Maya. Choose wisely. Tom's life might depend on it.

Title:Mystery of the Maya (Choose Your Own Adventure, #11)
Edition Language:English
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    Mystery of the Maya (Choose Your Own Adventure, #11) Reviews

  • Sydney

    After completing several rounds of the Mystery of the Maya, I believe that this was a very nicely made book. I enjoyed choosing between different life-threatening choices, and seeing what would happen...

  • Vanellope

    Honestly, I probably shouldn't give it more than 4 stars. But this was one of my two absolute favorite choose your own adventure books when I was little, and I must've read it a million times. So, 5 s...

  • Benjamin Stahl

    Intrepid kid investigator gets himself and his friends killed. Bravo, my lad. Bravo. ...

  • Peter Derk

    For this one, I made an attempt at crowdsourcing. I posted the decision points on a forum and asked people to help make the right decisions.The story is about a dude who disappeared while doing some k...

  • Sally

    I was obsessed with this book when I was very young! The Ashburton library had a lot of choose-your-own-adventures, but for some reason this was the only one I liked. Even if I did die EVERY SINGLE TI...

  • Tricia

    I used to really love these as a kid. You got to decide what happens and if you die you can come back again and try something else. There is definitely an attraction to them.My issue with this one is ...

  • Jorge Rosas

    From time travel to evil gangs and revolutions, this one was very exiting and the outcomes are very different from each other. ...

  • Lynn K.

    Very frequent choices. Fun and immersive....

  • Storlen

    The book I'm going to review is MYSTERY OF THE MAYA. The author is R.A. Montgomery. This book is fiction of the readers making. In other words, it is a chose-your-own-ending piece of fiction. The mai...

  • Molly

    Okay, I'll admit, I indulged with this. It took me back to leisure reading I did as a 10 year old. I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I will admit to an overwhelming feeling of silliness as I read it...