One-Dog Canoe

One-Dog Canoe

Sometimes – the more the merrier

I set off one morning in my little red canoe.
My dog wagged his tail.
"Can I come, too?"
"You bet," I said.
"A trip for two – just me and you."

But when "with a slap and a swim" Beaver scrambles in, and then "with a ‘woo-hooo!' – flap!" Loon lands in the young canoeist's lap, it's clear that this will be no ordinary canoe trip.

A bouncy rhyming text and exuberant pictures full of funny, escalating antics will have young readers laughing out loud – for just when it seems the canoe can't hold anyone else, frog jumps in!

Title:One-Dog Canoe
Edition Language:English
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    One-Dog Canoe Reviews

  • Calista

    Cute little story about a girl, her canoe and her dog. I enjoyed the end and her attitude. The art was fun and the animals were an interesting choice. It was funny....

  • Josie B.

    I am always looking for stories we can re-tell with the parachute, and this one has become one of my favorites. We read it first, talk about the pictures and some of the new vocabulary--most preschool...

  • Amy Forrester

    One day a young girl and her faithful dog push their canoe into the lake and set off for on a trip for two. As they paddle around the lake they pass Beaver, “Can I come, too?” The girl objects tha...

  • Jaclyn Giordano

    One-Dog Canoe by Mary Casanova is a picture book in poetic form that is intended for readers in preschool through grade one. I gave it four stars. “Can I come too? Just me and my pal in a one-dog c...

  • Kathryn

    A fun cumulative tale about a girl and her dog who go off for a paddle in her canoe. It's just the right size, "a one-dog canoe" But soon, other animals want to climb aboard, from a bear to a moose to...

  • Bryn Olsen


  • H??????  ??????

    This is a very cute book. We enjoyed the story so much that we decided to read it again and again. The illustrations are detailed and have subtle things happening in the background that make you laugh...

  • Dawn

    Worldview - Universally AcceptableSetting:Location - Canada Time Period - CurrentReviewAn absolutely adorable rhyming story that preschool through early elementary children will love to read again and...

  • Kristin Miller

    A little girl set off to go on a canoe ride when her dog asked if he could come. As they were out on their ride many animals wanted to go with them. It is a very fun book that all children will enjoy....

  • Carly

    One-Dog Canoe is a silly book about a girl and her dog who set off for a trip in her canoe. As they go along their way, different animals come up to ask if they can come too. When the girl tells them ...